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Portable Restrooms

Our classic model portable restroom (left) sets the standard for the sanitation industry. With it's lightweight, compact, sturdy design, our standard portable restroom is perfect for any outdoor occasion.  

See below for more information on our standard unit. 

Our wheelchair accessible portable restroom (right) comes in a variety of sizes with an easy set up and 

anti-slip floors. Please feel free to ask for more information about our wheelchair accessible portable restrooms upon request.

Features For Standard Unit

  • Maximum ventilation

  • Roomy interior 

  • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety

  • Occupancy signal latch

  • Two tissue rolls

  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design 

  • Translucent roof for better lighting

  • Instant antiseptic hand cleanser and foam dispensers

  • Pink color unit available upon request 

Features for Wheelchair Accessible Unit

  • American Disability Association (ADA) approved 

  • Handrails included in the interior

**All other features listed for our Standard Unit, such as the occupancy signal latch and the translucent roof for better lighting are also standard in our ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Units.

Above: Our Standard Unit portable restrooms and our ADA approved Wheelchair Accessible unit (far right) 

Left: Interior of our Standard Unit

Right: Back view of our Standard Unit